Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Creating or Consuming

This is my first post for my blog Education and Leadership.  As I went through the process of creating this site, I thought about purpose.  What is the purpose of the blog and what will I say?  These are important points to consider when beginning the process.  These questions allow for vision and focus: vision for the direction of the blog, and focus to remain on target with the vision.  I have read and learned from resources created by others, but as an educator I am aware that learning takes place both as one consumes information, as well as one synthesizes and creates information.  For this reason, I look to extend myself and my learning to creating a discussion about 3 topics that I have a fair amount of professional knowledge.  As an educator in a leadership position, I feel I have voice in areas related to education, technology and leadership. 

I am currently working in a doctorate program for Education Leadership.  I plan to use this blog as a forum for exploration of leadership topics as I come across them in my studies.  I can expand upon thoughts and concepts in my coursework and solicit opinions and advice along the way.

As Director of Technology for a school district, I have a tendency to be fairly geeky at times, both with shiny new toys and integration of those resources into learning.  New technology enters the consumer and education markets daily, so I will use this site to expound upon ideas for collaboration and integration.

Lastly, since I am first and foremost an educator, I enjoy the discussion of teaching and learning, curriculum and instruction.  As strategies and standards develop, I enjoy the discussion about the impact that they will have for students.

Please follow and lead me in the journey of this blog, Education and Leadership.

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